HIPAA Privacy Compliance: It's the Law

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                                    A HIPAA Privacy Compliance Course that is Simple and Easy to Understand


                                    In 1996, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was signed into law. The law, more commonly known as HIPAA, protects the privacy of every medical record and strengthens every individual’s control of personal health records by giving us greater access to our personal health information and greater control of its use and disclosure. 


                                    HIPPA has been updated several times over the years including through the HITECH act of 2009, which increased penalties for non-compliance and imposed stringent requirements for data breach and through the final Omnibus Rule of 2013, which strengthened privacy protection to its greatest level yet.


                                    The video in this course covers the following HIPAA training points:


                                    • What is PHI?
                                    • What are covered entities and how does HIPAA compliance affect them?
                                    • How is protected health information protected?
                                    • What is incidental exposure and is it illegal?
                                    • What is the minimum necessary rule?
                                    • What are the exceptions are there for law enforcement requests?
                                    • Emergency Situations
                                    • When and how to disclose protected information on the telephone.
                                    • Signed patient authorization
                                    • The privacy notice
                                    • Patient control
                                    • The personal representative
                                    • The privacy official and his or her responsibilities
                                    • Reasonable safeguards
                                    • Penalties for non-compliance
                                    • And more


                                    The support materials contain a 25 question quiz, questions for discussion and a transcript.  The SCORM and online course track the quiz and completion.  The USB flash drive, DVD, MP4 and streaming options include a PDF file of the support materials.


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